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And then there was Turvey !

The Turvey Connection.

So whats with all this Turvey stuff then ?

The more astute amongst you will have worked out by now that the saga of the Purser family has its origins in Bedfordshire. In an arc to the west of Bedford City is a group of villages, Turvey, Pavenham, Odell, Olney Sharnbrook, Weston Underwood, Oakley and others. These villages have been home to the various branches of the Purser family for at least 700 years and they still are. Whilst our personal branch moved to London in the 1860's the rest of the family did not, and many are still there.

For our particular family the ancestral connection to the area was somewhat spiced up when in the 1970s my Grandma announced that we were related to a rich and landed family in Bedfordshire.

From this claim we became acquainted with Turvey and its surrounding villages, with the grand Turvey House, the Higgins & Longuet-Higgins families who between them seemed to own much of the villages and countryside.  And yes there was a family connection, but not quite the way that Grandma had envisioned.

What was it all about. An outline of the story and where the Higgins family were supposed to fit in.

The full tale in detail.

Our first look for a connection, around 1975

The Higgins Family  and

The Higgins Family Tree

The Higgins Family 2.

Houses for Higgins'.  Turvey House, Turvey Abbey,  Turvey Cottage & Picts Hill House.

Who lived where with their household staff & servants.

So are we connected or not ?

Household Staff / Servants.

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