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France, Switzerland, is there anybody out there ?

Hello again, first to apologise to both of my readers, yes it has been a long time since I last posted, its tough, life keeps getting in the way. this time I am after help. I see from my website stats that there have recently been a few people looking at the site who are from France, Germany & Switzerland. This came as a bit of a surprise, as I would not have thought my site would be of any interest. They are not just "Bouncers", the people who hit on the site by mistake, hitting the wrong key or other un-intended visits. These take one quick look and bounce straight back out again. Gratifyingly these people stayed a considerable time and reading many pages. Sorry that should be looked at many pages.

So this post is in the hope that these people may come back and find this message. If you are one such person and are from France ? Switzerland, please could you help me out. As I have said ad nauseam elsewhere, I am unable to trace the family of my Swiss born Grandmother Emilie Alice Collet. The problem is That I know very little of her background. She came to UK from Switzerland in 1915, married my Grandfather in Inverness then set about raising their family. The whole story is elsewhere on the Website, this is a link to the relevant bit if anyone is interested. I speak no German, Swiss or French so navigating their records is difficult to say the least, in Switzerland it is just about impossible. With each Canton & town keeping their own records, it seems that a lot of information is needed to even start to search.

Alice Collet's father I believe was Swiss, her mother may have been French. I have little information but perhaps enough for someone familiar with French records and, needless to say, the French language.

I am hoping that someone with some knowledge of how to search Swiss and French records may read this and be prepared to help. If that is you, then please, please get in touch. You can contact me via the feedback page, If you are willing to give it a go then I will happily send you all of the details.



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