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Hello again, as you may have noticed I have been busy here at Chez Duffin adding new bells, whistles and diddly bits to the website. Most obvious is the new "Search" function. At the top of each page, just below the Master Menu is a white search box. As you would expect you enter your search query and hit the click. The results of your search pop up on a temporary page called "Search Results". This you can view on screen , print, take a screen shot of or whatever. However, it is a temporary page only, once you are done and close it, you can not get it back, it is lost and gone forever. If you want to see it again you have to re-run the search.

The search function is limited to the website only, if it finds nothing it does not extend the search out into the general WWW, so you will not get hundreds of irrelevant results. If you don't find what you are looking for on a search from a page in the Cameron half of the site, try again from a page in the Purser half. It should in theory search both domains together but this does not always seem to happen. Not quite sure why but I'm working on it !

I have also re-worked the "Master Menu" and it is hopefully a bit more user-friendly now. The length of the menu bar is limited, so I have abbreviated the category headings so as to allow more of them. Most stuff can now be found in the menu bar proper, rather than half of it being all crammed into a lengthy "MORE" category. This has resulted in the bar being slightly longer than the main central display area of the page. Hopefully the overlap is small enough that it will not result in the bar being cut off on smaller screens. You should be able to see a curved ending at both ends of the menu bar when it displays, if not it is being cut down. If any readers have any issues with this , please let me know what you can see and what size of screen you have, it would be really helpful.


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