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Still searching.

Continuing my search for any possible connection between the Pursers and Higgins I have been busily tracking down the Longuet Higgins family tree looking for any daughters previously overlooked who could possibly have been the one who eloped. No definite candidates so far but this family is clearly much more convoluted than I had reckoned on.

I have been looking at the offspring of Henry Higgins(1771-1845) and Mary Meacock, 12 kids ow does anyone do that and live ! No wonder they died young back then. I was idly looking at their eldest son, also Henry and couldn't help noticing that he was transported to Australia for house breaking, this was commuted from death ! For house breaking !!! Clearly he not only survived but thrived spawning another vast dynasty in Australia that I didn't know existed.

Oh well on we plod !!

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