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The Swiss Connection. Trying to trace Nanny.

If you have had a look at the Cameron side of the website then you may have come across my Swiss Grandmother. This is a long story but is covered in detail so I won't repeat it here. Basically my Grandmother Emilie Alice Collet was born in 1891 in Switzerland, possibly in Lucerne. In 1915 she made an epic journey across Europe in wartime to marry one John Cameron who lived near Boat of Garten in Inverness shire. To the best of my knowledge she only ever went back to visit twice in the rest of her life.

I know that there is extensive family in Switzerland, as my Aunt used to very occasionally hear from them, however I have been utterly unable to trace them. Swiss records are kept on a town and Canton basis, there seems to be no central registry that can be searched. Whilst I have names believed to be her Mother and Father, I simply do not have enough information to make a meaningful search, all efforts having failed. This is not made any easier by my not speaking Swiss, German, French or Italian.

So this is a plea for assistance, does anyone out there have any experience of searching Swiss records, or does anyone have any connection, however remote, with Collets in Switzerland ? If so please get in touch.

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